Our students and their families share what makes the boarding experience at 弗林特里奇圣心 special.



  • 你的家乡在哪里??

  • 你为什么选择在弗林特里奇圣心学院注册?

    在副校长的影响下我选择了十大网投平台信誉排行榜学院. 她给了我有关学校的信息, 但最后说服我的是与董事会成员的会面. 我是母校的大使之一, 我代表我的中学参加了许多活动. In doing so, I became familiar with many alumni and the board of directors of 弗林特里奇圣心. 他们谈到了经历和环境,我自然而然地产生了兴趣. I then took the next step by shadowing the school and was allured by the location and view. Not only that, but the classrooms were beautiful and every student seemed so engaged in their studies. 毫无疑问,弗林特里奇圣心是我想去的地方.
  • 你在校内外都参加了哪些活动/课外活动?

    我参加了女孩编程/机器人俱乐部, 拉丁裔联合行动, 法医学俱乐部, 我自愿去后台剧院. Outside of school, I enjoy volunteering at my old school as a Student Aid, and I take violin lessons.
  • 你最喜欢住宿生活计划的哪个方面?

    My favorite aspect of the residential life program is being close to school which allows for closer dedication to my studies, 而且还能和这里的朋友一起去周末旅行. 我喜欢工作人员试图把十大网投平台信誉排行榜所有人联系起来,让十大网投平台信誉排行榜彼此了解.
    I have learned to try new things, I've bettered my ability to keep an open mind and perspective. 我学会了独立, 与他人合作, 并且对时间有条理/有效率.
  • 你会给十大网投平台信誉排行榜学校的新学生什么建议?

    提问创造成功. 我记得一开始我害怕寻求帮助或澄清, but slowly I was able to grow out of my shell and realize there was no shame in seeking assistance. 我现在已经和老师和员工建立了很好的关系. 我觉得我可以自信地向他们寻求帮助,并在课堂上取得成功.

Hyejoon Oh '24


作为一所女子学校,弗林特里奇圣心学校非常关心女孩们的想法, 十大网投平台信誉排行榜如何看待这个世界,十大网投平台信誉排行榜毕业后会成为什么样的女性
Wendy '23

这是24岁的Ziling Coco Chen

You may wonder what it's like to attend attend an all-girls' high school and live with girls from the United States and around the world. 可可给十大网投平台信誉排行榜讲了一些她在弗林特里奇圣心医院的经历!



十大网投平台信誉排行榜相信弗林特里奇圣心改变了十大网投平台信誉排行榜女儿的生活, not just as a student with the academic curriculum but also as a resident in the boarding hall. 她已经能够识别自己的长处和短处,并加以改进.


We're excited to introduce you to Elizabeth '22, Katie '22, Victoria '22, and mom Trish Wilson! 最初来自纽约郊区, 他们分享了他们对弗林特里奇圣心的喜爱.


  • 你的家人是怎么发现弗林特里奇圣心的? 这所学校吸引你的地方是什么?

    Trish: Our family discovered 弗林特里奇圣心 while I was attending a Junior League member meeting. 我的一个同学开始称赞学校. 我解释说,十大网投平台信誉排行榜家的选择是一所女子宗教学校. 她开始给我讲那些高高的天花板和宽敞的卧室, 装修精美的最先进的科学实验室, 还有山上的美景. We discovered on our own the vast amount of extracurricular activities and clubs that are available to join. 十大网投平台信誉排行榜还发现有相当数量的运动队, 很多戏剧表演的机会, 和无尽的创意出口. My daughter has continued with her passion for knitting (my daughter Katie is the founder and President of Knitting with a View) by starting a club that makes scarves for the United States Army members.  The course selections, including AP and honors classes, prepare you for any college you chose. 作为一名住在校园里的学生,你的选择没有限制. 从跳舞到游泳, 从网球到高尔夫, 一个人有太多的激情和追求可以选择.
  • 跟十大网投平台信誉排行榜说说你的家庭和家乡吧. 你们一家人都做些什么娱乐活动?

    十大网投平台信誉排行榜的家乡是一个童话. 有许多商店和餐馆可供选择. 那里有池塘和湖泊可供散步. 公园里有瑜伽,每年的节日和游行. 它很像诺曼·洛克威尔的画. 人们很友好,每个人都互相认识. 十大网投平台信誉排行榜喜欢轮滑、骑自行车、打网球和表演戏剧. 十大网投平台信誉排行榜的家乡离纽约不太远. Thus, 你可以开车进城享受百老汇之夜, 在花园看比赛, 吃一顿美味的寿司晚餐, 一小时内赶回家. 你醒来,看到池塘里的鸭子,听到远处的公鸡叫, 唤醒农场里的居民.
  • 即使你现在正在远程学习, 你最喜欢和怀念弗林特里奇圣心的哪些方面?

    我珍惜与老师的关系. 虽然十大网投平台信誉排行榜是远程学习, 老师们设法让十大网投平台信誉排行榜仍然觉得十大网投平台信誉排行榜是在教室里. We still feel connected as a group of like minded girls who are interested in learning. 我想念和朋友们在图书馆见面, 即兴讨论, 还有在登机大厅的电影之夜和煎蛋卷厨师!

  • What aspects of the 弗林特里奇圣心 boarding program do the three of you enjoy or appreciate the most?

    虽然这不会破坏交易, we were very pleased to discover that unlike other boarding schools our school has a full restroom in each boarding hall suite. 有些寄宿学校没有浴缸,你们必须共用一个大厕所. 此外,还有高水平的安全性. The students' bedrooms are far away from the front door; a security guard is stationed at the front desk during school hours and the doors are locked in the evenings. Visitors must sign in every time they visit and there are security cameras inside and outside the hall. 十大网投平台信誉排行榜感谢员工们的支持. Dr. 詹姆斯总是在十大网投平台信誉排行榜需要她的时候出现.
  • 当你搬回校园后,你最期待的是什么?

    We are very excited about being reunited with our friends and also being able to play sports again. Miss Shelby and Miss Sindy drive us to exciting places on the weekends; we are looking forward to our excursions again. 周日早上的煎蛋厨师也是十大网投平台信誉排行榜怀念的亮点. 十大网投平台信誉排行榜怀念去帕萨迪纳的麦当劳叔叔家的旅行, California, where we make breakfast for the parents whose children are undergoing cancer treatment.
  • 你在学校里住在山上学到了什么?

    Katie: 我了解到我非常整洁和有条理,我喜欢和我的朋友住在一起. 我也知道我不是夜猫子,我是一个非常友好的人.

    Victoria: 我了解到,虽然十大网投平台信誉排行榜在家里一直有自己的房间, 我喜欢和我的姐妹们一起住在寄宿大厅. 我现在也知道我是一个夜猫子和早起的鸟. 如果你想要隐私的话,寄宿大厅里有很多学习的地方. 寄宿大厅有独立的自习室.

    Elizabeth:  I learned that after water polo practice instead of getting into a car and driving home with wet hair, 我可以步行五分钟或更少,然后到我的寄宿大厅房间. 我很欣赏泳池离登机大厅这么近. I also learned that the new and improved gym in the boarding hall is a great place to work out.
  • What advice would you give a prospective student for success in 弗林特里奇圣心's residential life program?

    I would convey to a prospective student that if she chooses 弗林特里奇圣心 she will be making a sound and positive life changing choice. 她的知识将会扩展, her new friendships will be for a lifetime and she will be supported and cared for by the boarding hall staff. The food is prepared fresh every day; there are healthy snacks provided and the omelet chef makes omelettes according to the students specifications. 住宿和活动都是一流的. The boarding hall is in close proximity to classrooms, thus your walk will be very short. 然而,如果你真的想走路,校园里有很多地方可以这样做. You will receive a first rate education and you will be more than prepared for your university studies. 这所学校有一个为期四年的研究项目,为学生上大学做准备. 宿舍楼风景优美,远离洛杉矶的喧嚣.

    However, the school is close enough to Los Angeles so that you can partake in so many wonderful activities. The students have annual trips to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Universal Studios, and Six Flags.

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